Thoughts on The Disaster Artist and Tommy Wiseau

The Disaster Artist with James Franco came out recently and it was one of the best movies I’ve ever seen! For those that don’t know, The Disaster Artist is based on a book by the same name. The book is written by Greg Sestero who wrote it as a memoir. It tells the story of how Greg Sestero met Tommy Wiseau and they went to Hollywood and made a movie titled The Room. It is known as the best/worst movie ever made because it’s so bad, it’s good.

They tell an inspiring story of friendship, following your dreams, and of success. Tommy is inspiring! He wanted to go to Hollywood and make a movie and he did! He dreamt of a life where he made a successful movie, would be a part of Hollywood and he would live in grandeur. He’s still living that life. The Golden Globes, which just passed, invited Greg and Tommy as guests. They always wanted to attend the Golden Globes and they finally got their chance. This is in part due to James Franco making a movie out of his book. James Franco won an award for his portrayal of Tommy in The Disaster Artist. Tommy was able to be on stage when James accepted the award. He was exhilarated! If you haven’t seen The Disaster Artist, I highly recommend you see it. It is a movie that is not only very good, but one of the most inspiring stories I’ve ever heard. I’m inspired by it! Everyone should follow their dreams and never give up on achieving them.

“If a lot of people loved each other, the world would be a better place to live.” – Tommy Wiseau


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