Hi! I’m Nick Stropoli, a student at St. Francis College studying Communications.

I’m a big fan of Rooster Teeth since their inception on YouTube. I aspire to be a great writer, editor and director like Josh Flanagan. I’m interested in scripted and unscripted film making. I’m looking forward to being a part of a project and collaborating with great, creative minds.

I’m born on the east coast in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn. I was raised and reside in one of the greatest cities in the world, New York.

Some background on me and what drives my desire for creating…I was raised on music (classic rock and rock – Led Zeppelin to Metallica), films (Star Wars, Rebel Without a Cause, Big Fat Liar, Marvel Cinematic Universe) and TV (Drake & Josh to Game of Thrones). My love of all mediums led me to playing guitar (I own a few electric guitars – Les Paul, ESP LTD KH202, ESP LTD KH Ouija) and attending acting programs at the New York Film Academy, Poly Prep, Leif Erikson and Eldred Central School District. I created a digital picture of Carmelo Anthony in high school and won The Scholastic Art & Writing Award of 2014 and Hudson Valley Art Awards Gold Key.

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I’ve had the honor of meeting Wil Wheaton, Danai Gurira, Chandler Riggs, Joe Satriani, Carrie Fisher, Nolan North, Jim Starlin, Cardinal Copia of Ghost, and Metallica.

I’ve been to several Metallica concerts: Death Magnetic at MSG, 2009; Orion Festival in Atlantic City, 2012; Global Citizen Festival, 2016; Webster Hall (intimate show) 2016;  MetLife Stadium, 2017; and Keybank Center, 2018. I’m a big fan!

I’ve also rocked to Roger Waters, The Wall, at Yankee Stadium and Roger Waters, Pink Floyd at Barclays Center; Guns n Roses at MetLife Stadium; Ringo Starr and His All Star Band at Bethel Woods, Avenged Sevenfold at MetLife Stadium, Rockstar Supernova at Radio City Music Hall, Drake Bell, Jones Beach Theatre, and Ghost at the Barclays Center on my 21st birthday!

I think James Franco is brilliant and super cool. His making of, directing and starring in the film The Disaster Artist is another brilliant addition to his repertoire.

My mom rocks! Without her I wouldn’t have experienced any of this, nor have the life I do without her support. Thank you, Mom.

Cheers to the road of life just beginning. I’m going to savor the journey and cherish each step along the way.


If you’re wondering about the meaning of the title of my blog, I’ll explain it.

Back to the Front means a couple of things: soldier get back to the front (the front line in war, a soldier is told what to do and must follow direction), Metallica lyric in the song Disposable Heroes (Back to the front, you will do what I say, when I say. Back to the front, you will die when I say, you must die. Back to the front, you coward, you servant, you blind man).

I chose to use this title because I’m coming from the back (back as in life as a student, behind the scenes, doing what I’m told, cooperating) to the front (stepping up to make a name for myself, to show my worth, to gain control and make decisions, to begin a new chapter where I’ll enter the world and have a voice and pave a way). With my high regard and utmost respect for military personnel, soldiers, I take honor in them stepping up to the front line to protect my rights to step up in life and play.